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Our Mission

Think Fast was founded on the principles of sharing the performance art of improvisation, providing quality shows for the Hawaii community while fostering the growth of the improv scene. Read a Brief History of Think Fast on our blog.

Hire Us!

  • Entertainment for Private Events- Parties! Weddings! Grand Openings of Dinosaur Parks! Anything!
  • Corporate Training- The art of improvisation is all about communication, teamwork, problem-solving in any situation.  This is excellent team-building for sales, customer service and management.
  • Personalized Sessions- Already a performer, but want to take it to the next level?  Our instructors and coaches can help you with your writing, performances (both scripted and unscripted), stand-up comedy, or virtually any other performance.

Visiting Improvisers

Are you a visiting improviser and would like to teach a workshop or perform a show? Let Think Fast Improv be the first to welcome you!

Send us an email at with the subject “Visiting Improviser”!

Our community would love to know, see, and learn from you!

Contact Us

Want to know more about classes or shows?  Need help with your homework?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have.



Think Fast is an improv ensemble based in Downtown Honolulu that has a passion to share the wonderful art of improv with all. The group’s founders – Rory Chaim Franzen, Aaron Pughes, David K. Jones, and Larissa DLG. Franzen– banded together in 2011 and created Think Fast Improv as an outlet for improvisers looking to perform and play. Think Fast has been performing and teaching improv, and is excited to continue adding more programs for the community.

Official Selection: ImprovaganzaOfficial Selection: Oahu Fringe Festivalimprovaganza_2015_thumb

About the Ownstructors



Larissa DLG. Franzen

Larissa DLG. Franzen is one of the foremost improvisers in Hawaii. Larissa has been playing steadily in Hawaii starting in 2007, been training improvisers in Hawaii since 2009, and has been a prevailing force in the Hawaii improv community. Larissa began her career studying in Honolulu with the foremost improvisers of the time, and trained with some of the best improvisers from Chicago and New York. She has studied improv through Second City master improviser Jeff Griggs and Chicago Improv Festival Executive Producer Jonathan Pitts. Larissa is constantly expanding and sharing that knowledge, as she believes that everyone has the right to play. Her ensembles are regularly official selections of Improvaganza: The Hawaii Festival of Improv. In 2011, Larissa became a founder of the flagship ensemble Think Fast Improv and also special guest teaches the weekly Improvised Theater Drop-in Classes of Improv In Paradise.

Rory Chaim Franzen

Rory Franzen

Rory Franzen has over 20 years of theater and performance experience. Rory’s first introduction to improvisation was as rehearsal warm-ups for plays. It wasn’t until Seattle’s Unexpected Productions launched a high school theater sports tournament that Rory got formally trained as an improviser. When Rory moved to Hawaii, he joined “Something Classy” with fellow Think Fast Improv founder David K Jones. Rory has coached many improv teams, which have played at local theaters and venues, as well as international festivals. Rory continues to play with Think Fast and is a writer and performer for the “Regards!” sketch comedy show and web series Someplace Classy. Rory is one of the founding members and lead instructor of Think Fast Improv and also special guest teaches the weekly Improvised Theater Drop-in Classes of Improv In Paradise.



“Mr. Aaron” Pughes

Mr Aaron’s past is a closely guarded secret known only to him. Legend has it that if he whispers it into your ear, you only have seven days left to live.