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Improv Weekly Recap: 4/14 – 4/20/2014

Monday 4/14 : Second Week of AOI w/ TF This was Week Two of the Art of Improv with Think Fast! where we covered initiation and character work by concentrating on the opening of the scene, the Monday night students were building scenes that were completely functional, ready to play, and still “had legs” as we […]

Why Improv?

Why improv?

I just started a brand new class this week teaching the Art of Improvisation. As I was driving to class with David (my partner in crime for this session), we were discussing the finer points of the class itinerary (e.g. what we were going to do if nobody showed up, or if everybody showed up). As we were talking about what to do and say (you know, two improvisors planning what to say) David says, “Ask them why they are here.”

Slow Playing in a Monoscene

Recently, I started rehearsals with my new improv group, Dr. Safeword. I’ve been excited to start up with Dr. Safeword not only because I get to play with two of my favorite improvisers, James Sigmon and Joe Lewis, but also because we’re doing a monoscene.

Story and the Art of Improv

When I was creating the Art of Improv with Think Fast program, I kept asking myself a lot of questions: “What needs to be learned by new improvisor?” for one. Agreement for sure, that’s the main principle of improv, but while agreement is 100% necessary to perform improv. That’s about as helpful as saying the […]

Improv Weekly Recap: 3/31 – 4/6/2014

  Tuesday, Sketch Writing 4/1 We are getting ready for our next Regards! Sketch Comedy Show!  We’ve been meeting every week and are in the process of narrowing down our selection.  We’ll keep you posted on that as we get closer.  Thursday, Improv Class 4/3 On Thursday, Rory and I led the Adult Improv Program […]